My First Hat Pattern – Eyelet Hat

Carson in knit hat

This is the first pattern I ever made, and the instructions aren’t particularly detailed.  However it’s a fun and easy hat to make!  (And despite it being modeled on a 4-year-old should fit an adult sized head just fine.)

Uses Worsted Weight Yarn in two colors – Knit flat on Size 9 US needles.

CO 72sts (76, 80) onto size 9 needles

Knit in K1,P1 ribbing for 1.5 inches in Color 1 (or until desired length)

Switch to Color 2

(Fancy band)

row1: P

Row 2: P

Row 3: k1 , *(YO, K2tog)*

Row 4: P

Row 5: P

Row 6: P

(Follow with 5 rows of st st.. or written out):

Row 7: K

Row 8: P

Row 9: K

Row 10: P

Row 11: K

Now make another “Fancy Band” by starting at Row 1 again. Repeat “fancy bands” and bands of stockinette stitch until hat reaches desired length then reduce Starting on a row 4.


Row 4: P5, p2tog

Row 5: P across

Row 6: P4, p2tog

Row 7: K Row 8: p3, p2tog

Row 9: k

Row 10: p2, p2tog

Row 11: k

Row 12: p1, p2tog

Row 13: p

Row 14: P2tog across.

Thread need through remaining loops then sew up the side. Done!


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